I offer a wide range of editing and writing services, including: 

  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • blogging
  • web content writing
  • fiction coaching
  • developmental editing
  • proposal writing
  • technical editing

To schedule a consultation or inquire about rates, please email me at jdeblancknowles@gmail.com.



  • Developmental editing
    • Help develop concept and clarify central message
    • Provide feedback on content, organization, and flow
  • Line editing

    • Edit language for fluency, clarity, and accessibility
    • Eliminate clichés, awkward constructions, and unnecessary language
  • Copy editing and proofreading
    • Vanquish all spelling and grammar errors
    • Apply AP Style or Chicago Manual of Style as needed
    • Correctly add and format footnotes, tables of contents, and indices
  • Fact-checking
    • Make sure that all referenced names, dates, and events are accurate
    • Double-check phone numbers, addresses, Web links, etc. 
  • Design proofing
    • Create documents with clean, visually appealing layouts
    • Make formatting consistent
    • Ensure clear and effective presentation of charts, graphs, and images
  • Web content writing
    • Strategize web content goals and identify target audience
    • Write carefully crafted copy to engage new clients and build online audience
    • Create social media posts, blogs, newsletters, product descriptions, and more






"Jaime has edited multiple documents and writing projects of mine, from cover letters to artist-in-residency applications to my current novel. She is professional, timely, and thorough. Jaime is the only editor I fully trust to copyedit my work with precision. She is also an outstanding writing coach, providing encouragement, insight, and suggestions exactly when I need it most."

– Ashleigh Pedersen, Write Well Austin

“Jaime deBlanc-Knowles provided top-notch editorial skills for my latest book. She provided several levels of edit (substantive, stylistic, structural, copyediting, and proofreading) and provided suggestions for any content gaps. I would definitely use her skills on my next book.”

— Donn LeVie, author of Confessions of a Hiring Manager

“I supervised Jaime when she was an editor at the ACFE, and I would highly recommend her based on that experience. Jaime is a skilled editor and writer, and she is also a pleasure to work with. She’s kind and professional and always willing to help out a coworker. Whether it’s researching and writing an article, copyediting an extensive manual, or developing a new course with a subject-matter expert, Jaime will do a great job with a great attitude!”

— Laura Hymes, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

"We've had a great experience with Jaime. Very professional, accurate and always on deadline. She has helped us enormously!"

— Mark Brogger, SharesPost

"Jaime edited the first draft of my first book, which had unbelievable amounts of grammatical errors and tangled content. She is amazing, logical, thorough, and bright."

— Lucy M., novelist

"I hired Jaime to be my writing coach as I work through writing a book. I send a monthly goal and send in my work by each deadline, then she sends me in-depth, written feedback. Jaime has been extremely encouraging and helpful. She's provided useful feedback so far and it really helps to have someone who can hold me accountable to my work, while also understanding the goals I am trying to accomplish. I highly recommend her services and am excited to keep moving forward."

— Philippa A., novelist

“Jaime deBlanc-Knowles is a superior editor; her talents are beyond excellent. She not only has a keen eye for sentence-level issues and the structural organization of a project, but she’s also a tremendous developmental editor — that is, she’s able to look at an entire book-length project (in my case, a collection of short stories), assess its themes and aims, and suggest the necessary revisions, rearrangements, and expansions to strengthen the whole. My book is inestimably better for the benefit of Jaime’s insightful reading and thorough, thoughtful feedback. Jaime is also just about the nicest person on the planet, so she’s a joy to work with. I’d enthusiastically recommend her to any writer!”

— Kelly Ramsey, author of Finding a Man in America






    • Basic copy editing: 5–10 pgs/hr, $30–40/hr

    • Heavy copy editing: 2–5 pgs/hr, $40–50/hr

    • Developmental editing: 1–5 pgs/hr, $45–55/hr

    • Substantive or line editing: 1–6 pgs/hr, $40–60/hr